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What to Expect Following Breast Reduction Surgery

Are you thinking about breast reduction? Or are you already scheduled for surgery? You should be aware of the recovery period for breast reduction surgery and what to expect following this.

Breast reduction surgery is not something to be taken lightly. Every year, thousands of women choose to have breast reduction surgery. They make the decision for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, medical issues.

Your breasts will be smaller after the procedure. This has numerous advantages, including the reduction of back and shoulder pain and the overall improvement of your quality of life. You may also discover that you are more satisfied with your appearance as a result.

However, as with all important life decisions, it is critical to have all relevant information available.

Understand what to expect

Breast reduction is a common and safe procedure. However, as with all surgeries, there is a recovery period. Most women want to get back to work and their normal lives as soon as possible.

You can also better prepare for recovery if you know what to expect after the procedure. Let’s go over the recovery time, scars and bruises, and what you can do to speed up the recovery.

The phases of recovery after breast reduction

Breast reduction recovery takes time, but it’s important to know what to expect after surgery. The surgery takes between three and five hours to complete. The majority of patients go home the same day as their surgery.

Any surgery will have two phases of recovery: the early phase and the late phase. Short-term recovery from breast reduction usually takes three weeks. Long-term recovery can take 3-6 months, or even longer. Each phase is distinct, but some issues may arise at any time, regardless of how long it has been since your surgery.

The early phase

Let’s start with the beginning. You will awaken with dressings on your chest immediately following surgery. Often, something, such as tape or glue, will cover the stitches. There will be some gauze padding and a bra or an ACE wrap to support and compress your breasts. Your surgeon will instruct you on how to care for these dressings, such as when to change them and when you can shower. In general, you will have moderate pain in your breasts and around the sides of your chest for the first week after surgery. Some people are mostly in pain. This pain should be easily controlled by the medications prescribed by your doctor and should improve gradually.

Usually, there is drainage from the incision lines, such as blood or clear fluid. This will subside after a few days. When you sleep, sit, or lean against something, the drainage from your dressings may leak onto the sheets. Use your least favourite sheets. Plan on sleeping on an old towel or blanket that you don’t mind getting dirty.

For one week, take it easy. Take short walks, move slowly, look after yourself, eat nutritious foods, and drink plenty of water. Try not to exercise, diet, or do anything other than rest and recuperate. For at least 2-3 weeks, you must sleep on your back. If you sleep on your stomach or side, this can be the most difficult part of your recovery, so consider investing in a body pillow or sleeping in a recliner. If you’re having trouble sleeping, consult your doctor to see if a mild sleep aid might help.

Many women are relieved that the surgery is over, and even more relieved that the weight has been lifted from their shoulders! However, it is not uncommon to feel tired and a little blue after surgery. Allow yourself time to process the emotions that follow such a significant event in your life.

After about three weeks, you should notice that almost all of the bruising and swelling has subsided. Your incisions may appear pink or brown, but they may still be tender and firm to the touch. With your doctor’s permission, you can begin doing more activities at this time. Your doctor may allow you to increase your activities before this, but give yourself three weeks off when planning your recovery.

After about a month, you should be fairly confident in your new breast size and able to measure yourself for new bras. While some residual swelling may still be present, you can now purchase new bras. Discuss underwire bras with your surgeon; depending on your incisions and specific healing, you may need to wait to purchase underwire bra styles.

The later phase

You can begin to return to normalcy in the later stages of recovery. Allow yourself time to regain stamina as you resume activities. Begin with incline walking or low-impact biking because jogging or jumping may be painful on your new chest. Listen to your body and progress gradually. When working out for the first time, make sure you wear a supportive bra. Three weeks after surgery, sexual activity can usually be resumed.

You may experience numbness along the sides of your chest or in your nipples during this time. This is normal and will most likely improve over the next few months, though numbness can be permanent in some cases. Some women experience brief, intermittent shooting pains or ‘zings’ in the area of their breast reduction or on the side of their chest. These are caused by healing nerves and should be infrequent and disappear after a few months.

Most women say it takes 3-4 months for all of the swelling to go away, and you may notice some firm spots or bumps. This is a normal part of the healing process. While swelling may go away after a few months, surgical scars can take up to a year to fade and soften completely. Consult your surgeon about any scar treatment system they may recommend and follow their instructions.

When compared to other types of surgery, many patients believe the recovery time is short. However, it is critical to plan for the time required to recover. Make sure to follow your surgeon’s recommendations in order to achieve the best possible outcome!

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