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Abdominoplasty in Delhi

It is one of the most common aesthetic procedures in which we deal with both aesthetic and structural reshaping of abdominal wall. This surgery is done to get rid of unwanted excess skin and fat from your abdomen along with tightening of your abdominal muscles. Post-surgery one can expect a firmer and more toned abdomen.

Candidates for Abdominoplasty

  • Men and women with healthy body conditions.
  • After weight loss procedures leading to loss of fat and loosely hanging skin
  • Post multiple pregnancies leading to flabby abdominal skin

Who should not undergo Abdominoplasty?

  • Individuals with chronic medical conditions like chronic heart disease, uncontrolled DM, HTN
  • Individuals with unrealistic expectations
  • Chronic smokers as it may impair healing and compromised results
  • Women who have still not completed her family and plans to become pregnant.

Types of Abdominoplasty

Each patient has specific indication for type of procedure for which it is necessary to consult your plastic surgeon for proper assessment and examination so as to formulate the best plan for you. For knowledge purpose :

  • Standard Abdominoplasty : When there is excess of skin and loose musculature in middle and lower abdomen like after massive weight loss or multiple pregnancies.
  • Mini Abdominoplasty : when loose skin is localized over lower abdomen only. It is done with smaller incision as compared with the standard one and may or may not require muscle tightening.
  • Lipoabdominoplasty : This is a modern abdominoplasty which is more popular these days and is safe and there are less chances of skin necrosis. It consists of combination of liposuction and surgery. It gives more definition to abdomen post-surgery.
  • High tension lateral abdominoplasty (HLT) : This combines additional contouring of lateral thighs and hips along with abdomen shaping

Post-operative recovery

  • We prefer early ambulation of patient post-surgery
  • Immediately after surgery patient will be given a firm dressing over abdomen and which is to be changed to compression garment in 3 to 4 days. Compression will help in controlling the swelling and seroma collection and also in redraping of skin
  • Lifting of heavy things of any kind to be avoided for about 6-8 weeks
  • Patients are advised to refrain from smoking in post op period to prevent delayed healing
  • Final results may take up to 6 months to show final results. This is the time body requires to get rid of swelling and skin redrapping
  • Residual minor contour irregularities can be present which can be taken care of with minor procedure if patient wishes to.

Risks of procedure

  • Seroma: Fluid collection underneath the skin flap is the most common complication after the procedure. Though it does not require and special treatment but regular evacuation by your surgeon and gradually it should settle
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scarring of suture site
  • Altered sensation in operated area of abdomen which is usually temporary and should recover mostly in due course of time. 

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