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Hair Transplant: Is It A Cosmetic Surgery?

A hair transplant is a surgery to transplant hair to a bald or thinning area, and yes, it is a cosmetic surgery. A hair transplant is a significant decision. You must do all you can to learn more so that you will be prepared for the procedure.

A hair transplant is technically considered a plastic surgery technique. It counts as surgery, even though it is a minimally invasive technique and typically carried out as an outpatient treatment without general anesthesia.

However, we frequently associate “going under the knife” with surgery. Scalpels, hospitals, and scars come to mind. Modern hair transplantation techniques are very different from that stereotype. You will be closer to the truth if you picture yourself spending a lot of time in an extremely luxurious hair salon with recliners and a TV in front of you.

What are the causes of hair loss?

An average person loses 50–100 hairs per day, but this frequently goes unnoticed as new hair is growing in at the same time. When the hair that has fallen out is not replaced by new hair, hair loss results.

Hair loss is usually associated with one or more of the following reasons:


In general, baldness will become more severe the earlier it starts.

Who are eligible for a hair transplant?

People who are typically eligible for this treatment are:


What a hair transplant does

Men and women who have bald spots on their heads, thinning hair, or hair loss can have a hair transplant. It makes use of your natural hair by removing it from a “donor site” and implanting it on the bald spots on your head or places where the hair is receding or becoming thinner.

Reversing hair loss with hair transplants is a successful method that gives both men and women:


How does hair transplant works

A local anesthesia and sedative are usually used during a hair transplant, so you’ll be awake during the procedure but won’t experience any pain.

There are two types of hair transplant procedures are:

Although most hair transplants take a day, you shouldn’t have to stay overnight. You might need to schedule two or more sessions a few months apart if a large area needs to be treated.

Your surgeon will explain how to take care of your graft. You should be given a spray to aid in healing and hair growth.

Hair transplantation is more of an art than a surgery

Your main concern when deciding to have a hair transplant is probably the outcome. Make sure you choose a reliable hair transplant provider by doing your homework. Finding a doctor with experience and an art to his work is very crucial for reshaping your hairline. With little experience, one can become proficient in the technical aspects of hair transplantation, but it’s not at all simple to decide where and at what angle to insert each graft for a generally pleasant outcome. It is a skill that requires years of practice to master.

An experienced hair transplant provider is worth enough.

You should choose a hair transplant provider who has carried out numerous hair transplants before yours, just as you might prefer a hairdresser who has cut the hair of many others. And while getting a terrible haircut is not the end of the world, you don’t want the same thing to happen with your hair transplant. If you’re unhappy with your initial hair transplant, you can have a second one if that’s possible.

Scheduling a consultation is the best method to see if hair transplantation is right for you and whether you feel comfortable with a certain specialist.

Why choose Dr. Sachin Rajpal for a hair transplant?

Dr. Sachin Rajpal, the finest cosmetic surgeon in Delhi, is committed to help individuals feel confident about themselves and their looks. Patients can have faith in his strategy because he takes the patient’s age, ethnicity, and goals into account. When performing hair transplants, he adopts a comprehensive approach that considers the harmony and balance of each area of the scalp and face.

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