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One of very good doctors i came across, i met with an accident and got my left hand wrist slit. The cut was so deep that my nerves got cut. I went through an emergency operation in my local town but after one and half month came to know that the surgery didnt work out well and i was not able to use my left hand completely. The surgery went completely wrong and there was a fear i might loose my hand.Then someone told me about Dr Sachin. I went up to him ,he examined everything in detail and he did my surgery. I still remember he took somewhere around 6 hours for the surgery, i can very well imagine how tiring it must be, but his dedication towards his patient was tremendous and it took me 1 year for the complete recovery and today here i am. My hand is perfectly fine with all motor skills.....Thank u Dr Sachin for the fantabulous job....really it means a lot to me.

- Gaurav Dudeja

I had a good experience with Dr Sachin Rajpal, his knowledge, experience and articulation certainly put all my queries and doubts about the procedure to rest. He guided me through out after the procedure via proper follow ups and consulting sessions, would certainly recommend him to everyone I know.

- Deepanshu Seth

I am super satisfied the way Dr Sachin treat with patients..He deal with true love. Thank you so much


Truly thankful to Dr. Sachin with all my heart for his beyond excellence treatment and care that helped me recover amazingly from my thumb injury. I could not have asked for a better doctor He did an excellent job, very helpful and polite to talk.Thankful and grateful always

- Pooja Goyal

I had an earlobe keloid which was troubling me for last 2 years and I was very skeptical about doing the surgery for its removal. Thanks to google reviews that I was decided to go and meet Dr. Sachin. Once I met the doctor, I was convinced that surgery was the best option and he assured me that it will be fine. The keloid had grown quite a bit and hence the removal was a bit tricky. Dr. Sachin did best to remove it completely and keep the scar at the minimum. The whole procedure went smoothly and he kept my spirits high. He was very helpful during my recovery as well. I am very satisfied with the surgery, the minimum scar and the way Dr. Sachin handled the case. I will highly recommend Dr. Sachin for anyone looking for a good Plastic surgeon in and around Delhi.

- Shraddha Agarwala

More I say about Dr Sachin 's capabilities less it is , my mother suffered forehead injury about 8 cm long . We were very concern about the mark that injury would leave , a big mark on forehead was more painful then the injury itself . we went to Dr Sachin after recommendation from our cousin. Dr Sachin not only operated her but also counselled her to lift her spirits. needless to say he took great care and even the procedure was painless. and to our astonishment after 15 days there was no sign of any injury. Thank You Dr Sachin for your efforts.

- Sunil Grover

He was really quick in diagnosing what had to be done. I had a cyst forming at my eyebrow area. With bare minimum pain and loss of hair, he successfully removed the formation. I would recommend Dr. Sachin Rajpal for any surgical needs.

- Ritwik Budhiraja

Had a great experience with Dr. Sachin . He has done a great job on my ears.. I was suffering from ear keloid for a long time, then I met Dr. Sachin in Max hospital and he did plastic surgery of my ear keloid and now my ear are fine as before. Lovely Way of treating the patients. He is one of the best surgeon. Thank you so much Sir 😊

- Harmeet Kaur

My 6 year daughter met with an accident at home (Deep wound at forehead). Case was critical and rejected by few near by hospitals as normal stitches leave very bad scar and it will be very difficult to vanish them after treatment, then we came to know about Dr. Sachin Rajpal with one of my friends reference. After his treatment she have no scar of stitches on her forehead and we are very satisfied. Sharing feedback in form of great thanks to him. He made her so comfortable during whole surgery process and treatment. Loved the way of treatment and cooperation.

- Ravi Gupta

Very gentle and professional doctor Had gone to him at Max, Shalimar Bagh with a finger cut in a mixer grinder. The way he treated the case with thorough care and gentleness was amazing.

- Garima Mehta

Had a great experience with Dr. Sachin . We can't express our thanks in words. Lovely Way of treating the patients. Thank Again.

- Atul Jaiswal

Our daughter met with an accident ( Dog Bitten at face). Case was so critical and rejected by one of reputed hospital then we came to know about Dr. Sachin Rajpal And visited him with reference of some friends. We can't stop ourselves to share our feedback in form of great thanks to him. He made us happy by making our daughter so comfortable during whole surgery process and treatment went so well.Loved his way of treatments and cooperation.

- Naresh Gupta

Dr. Sachin Rajpal is one of the best doctor whole Max shalimar bagh he belongs from asthetic and reconstructive surgery departmet. i took his profile Practo site and heard lots of people about his. And he completed my surgery of forhead. very friendly and more experience he has. Best Regard
Ritu ahlawat

- Reetu Ahlawat

Visited Dr.Sachin for hand surgery of my mother who is 88 yrs old. I must say the doctor has very good communication skills that my mother was quite comfortable during the procedure which was done in local anaesthesia. The result came out very well and I really recommend the doctor RAKESH J MAHINDROO

- Rakesh Mahindroo

Dr sachin Rajpal is a very great plastic surgeon......maine eyes ki lesions ka treatment karwaya tha.jisme sirf mujhe ten min laga or wo bilkul theek hai.....mujhe kaafi acha laga so those are looking for a plastic surgeon can consult him and I will definetly recommend Dr Sachin Rajpal to everyone..

- Usha Kharbanda

I'm happy to share my experience with Dr Sachin Rajpal (Asthetic and reconstructive surgery) .I was scared before going under procedure of keloid removal . It's was painful before procedure visibly doesn't looks good on my back .After consulting with Dr Sachin Rajpal He suggests me for keloid removal . I believe him completely and I'm very happy after keloid removal and this is my best experience and I'm satisfied with Dr Sachin Rajpal and his team. Thank you and Good wishes. Regards
Kajal Singh

- Kajal Singh

Visited Dr Sachin Rajpal for kelloid treatment on the ear lobe of my daughter. Totally satisfied with the treatment. Even the stitches marks are not visible. Dr Sachin keeps a track of even minor details of his patient. Thanks Dr. for timely guidance and treatment.

I had my Gynecomastia surgery by Dr. Sachin Rajpal. he is really a nice person as well as a great Doctor. He really did a great job and I am fully satisfied with his outstanding work. It's been almost a few weeks since my surgery and the results are good. I highly recommend Dr. Sachin Rajpal to anyone who is looking for gynecomastia or any kind of plastic surgery.

Dr Sachin is very considerate,committed and pain-taking and with real expertise he got my finger back in one piece.

The most helpful, responsible and always taking care of his patients with a smile. I'm proud of him :)

Dr. Sachin Rajpal is an excellent and reliable cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Delhi. He has restored the health of my facial skin & along with that my confidence level. Prescriptions written by him are really effective. I would highly recommend Dr. Sachin for best result.
I met Dr. Sachin Rajpal for multiple black nevus over my face due to which I was very conscious. Believe me after meeting Dr. Sachin he gave me so much confidence about myself and also he explained about the surgical procedure in a very simple way. I must say the the confidence he had in his explanation helped me to take my decision immediately and I underwent the surgery. The surgery was very smooth and I can't even see the surgical scar now after 3 months and have even forgotten that I had that ugly black nevus on my face. I really want to thank Dr. Sachin Rajpal for his beautiful work and recommend him for any plastic surgery procedure. You changed the way I look. Thank you so much Sir.

- Anil Kambiri

Wonderful experience with Dr. Sachin Rajpal. Not only he has taken great care of my son but also he is lovely to speak with at every appointment. I visited him for my son's syndactly release surgery and he did a great job in every manner. I would like to thank him from from bottom of my heart and wish him best for future. Highly professional and a noble man...... Thank u so much Dr. Sachin Rajpal

- Vikas Dahiya

My daughter had a syst just above her right eye. Doctor Sachin Rajpal, operated and remove the calcium deposit. The entire procedure and consultation was well explained and the entire process was very smooth. My daughter was comfortable and did not feel any pain. Thank you so much the entire team at Max Hospital and Doctor Sachin Rajpal.

- Gautam Sawhney

The Doctor did his job excellently. There was fineness in his work. Me and my family is very thankful to him for rejoining my finger perfectly. Our experience with him was very nice. He was very gentle and kind while handling my case. Timely attended me everytime I needed.

- Bhavya Gupta

Dr Sachin Rajpal, Wonderful plastic surgeon, stiches done and removed very neatly n with utmost care n concern,attended in a very warm n friendly way ,gives his patients ample time. Had a very good experience with Dr Rajpal. Thnks sir

- Amardeep Kaur

My child injured her finger accidentally and Dr. Sachin stitched it by minor surgery. The doctor explained the pros and cons of the procedure in detail. It was a painful time for me but now my daughter’s finger is almost healed and she is doing fine. Thanks a lot.

- Sadiqa Sualeh

My mother suffered broken glass injury on her left arm one at the wrist other at forearm, We immediately took her to max super speciality hospital shalimar bagh emergency. There at the hospital all necessary test were done and were given required first aid and was advised to meet Dr. Sachin Rajpal (surgeon in plastic surgery department) Next Morning we went again to max hospital and met Dr Sachin Rajpal. I should be thankful to God that we met him and got the best treatment required. Now what I am sharing with you all is the most important thing why we should go to plastic surgeon if there such kind of injury the doctor told us that her thumb tendon were broken from multiple area that needs to be repaired if not done then then in near future she could NOT use her thumb properly as tendon helps thumb in movement and functioning which will definitely going to loose if not repaired. Next day she went for surgery which was successful. My suggestion to all those who are reading this review that if any one in your family and friends meet such kind of injury my advise is directly to meet plastic surgeon because this type of issues can be diagnosed by a plastic surgoen only what I have experienced and understood in my case. I sincerely thanks to Dr Sachin Rajpal and team who diagnosed the problem very well gave best treatment required.

- Lalit Chawla

I had a fat deposit on the forehead. It use to give a very ugly look to the face. I consulted Dr. Sachin. He advised me to go for surgery. After conducting the required tests, I went for the surgery. Surgery was as smooth as getting a spa. I was discharged within few hours. I started working immediately and enjoyed the routine life. I never expected such a wonderful and smooth experience of a surgery. Most important Dr sachin is always available for his patients which gives a great comfort. I always felt that I am in safe hands. I wish him a great successful career.

- Brijesh Gaur

My wife is 30 years old after falling from the stairs in the house, she had a severe injury on her nose, the nearby doctor told me a very serious situation, after that we met Dr.Sachin, who explained everything to us very well and very nicely injury was on the nose between both the eyes, he removed a piece of muscle from behind the ear and applied there and did a lot of find surgery. Sharing feedback in form of great thanks to him. He made her so comfortable during whole surgery process and treatment. Loved the way of treatment and cooperation Thanks Dr. sachin sir

- Vijay Kumar

Well he is a great Doctor . My experience with him was great . I came to him with for the treatment of gangrene in my left leg . I goes under the surgery which is done by Dr. Sachin , after that my leg is fine and Now I can walk , Thanku very much sir for the treatment sagan jain

- Devil Prajapati

I will really like to thank Dr sachin For the way he treated me..Myself being a doctor,I sustained severe lip injury which was bleeding continuously..Fortunately,I called him and he was ready to help..The way he did the repair and suturing was unimaginable..My bleeding was controlled then only and with the fine suturing work and the precision,there was no scarring and any visible stich line.nobody can even tell that if ever I had a lip cut after seeing me...Thanks for the services you provided me and the passion and dedication with which u work is beyond comparison..Wishing u all d best for future..Thank u sir..

- Sagan jain

I had an accident and had a very bad injury on my face Dr.sachin rajpal started my treatment I had deep wound on my upper lip and forehead .there were sutures on my face he gave me the best treatment and today my face is the same as before the accident and after the treatment there is no scar on my face Now I'm very happy and satisfied with the treatment my best wishes for Dr.sachin rajpal and his team thank you sir for giving me such a good treatment and I'm very satisfied.thanks for everything.

- Rakhi Saini

I really would like to thank Dr. Sachin Rajpal for removing nodule from my forehead through plastic surgery. The treament given to me by Doctor was very satisfied. Thank you Dr. Sachin Rajpal you have been very professional yet down to earth which made me feel very comfortable as a patient. I am very pleased with the out come of my surgery

- Namrita Taneja

My daughter had severe burn on leg Got treated by him. He is good in both knowledge and skills.

- Surender Gupta

The most helpful, responsible and always taking care of his patients with a smile. I'm proud of him :)

- Lata Arora

Great doctor. Suggestions are very strong for my injury. Thanks to Dr. Sachin to do my surgery perfectly otherwise my hand will not recover soon. Thank you sir.

- Meetu Ankur Garg

Dr. Sachin a thorough professional in his field of plastic surgery. A highly intellectual and understanding medical professional.

- Kapil Chauhan

I got my rhinoplasty successfully done by dr sachin, he is such a great doctor he gave me the best possible result i am very happy with my nose now.. I was not sure about this till I met Dr. Sachin Rajpal and got it done. He is one of the best doctors who never misguides his patients, even the quote he shared with me is very affordable. He is also very very professional at the same time. surely 100% recommend him, Thankyou so much sir and all the best for the future.

- P. Kumar

I had a brilliant experience with Dr. Sachin Rajpal. I felt very easy to discuss my skin problems with him. He is well-qualified and experienced Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon in Delhi. The staff is caring & friendly too. I am exceptionally pleased with my before-after results of the procedures done. I would recommend everyone facing skin related problems to consult him.

- Mr. S. Sharma

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