22 August, 2020 by Dr. Sachin Rajpal

Interplay Of Looks And Confidence

Today’s social world is highly image dependent. From youngster to teenager, college going to corporate, middle age to senior, every age-group is sensitive for looks in this virtual world. The remarkable switch was seen in early 20’s wherein people inclination towards their outlook changed drastically. A reason to that can be the increase of social networking sites wherein people post their images and get the likes.

With the above background two prominent questions arise. Whether a highly attractive image boost one’s confidence and on the contrary a disproportioned look can be a reason for inferiority complex? If yes then, how can the looks be improvised to get the CONFIDENT BEAUTIFUL YOU!

Impressive looks certainly play a significant role in being a confident person. It’s almost that what ones feel about oneself. A person with a sound, dynamic personality attracts the outside world. We can relate this to the college going students who want to explore the new world outside the school. For them being in fashion and looking beautiful is of outmost importance. Similarly, one who is going for an interview is equally focused on the personality while appearing for an interview. A lady is focused on facials, men on the hair styles, teen age girl’s & boys on social media likes, pre bridals on face glow up, oldies on antiwrinkle therapy and so on. Attractive personality gets the attention of people. People with more likes on social media tend to be more confident and on the contrary one with disproportioned looks may feel inferior while posting the pictures. This may lead to some sort of disparity among the people of same generations. Having said that, for most of the people it will be correct to state that impressive looks enhance one’s confidence. It is certainly an add-on unique special point which captures everyone attention.

Now, the next is how can the looks be improvised to get the CONFIDENT BEAUTIFUL YOU!

People with different age groups come to surgeons for appearance improvisation. There are various categories of such patients like “Self-motivated patients”, “Pressurized patients” and “Festive patients”. Every category of patients has the peculiar requirements which needs to be addressed accordingly.

Having seen from the above that it cannot be denied that there is a strong interplay between LOOKS and CONFIDENCE. People who are not as attractive are emotionally sensitive. Patients and Surgeons work together to reshape the looks and in turn bring the positive changes to bring a MORE CONFIDENT YOU.


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