19 August, 2022 by Dr. Sachin Rajpal

Importance Of Post Operative Protocol After Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is the medical term for the female like chest in males. This is not a serious problem, but it is a difficult to handle and sometimes embarrassing situation for males. There are surgical procedures to solve this problem.

As the word comes in as “Surgery”, people become skeptical about it. Consultation with a Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon helps to ease out the doubts and help to take a decision which is suited best for the treatment. It is certainly a strong and personal decision.

During the surgery the surgeon ensures that the person is relieved from the concern of the female like chest and best results are achieved. However, for a better after results a more collaborative approach is required and more so from patient side. It is required that the patient strictly follow post-operative protocol to help achieve the maximum benefits of surgery.

This article is to summarize the post-operative protocols to be followed by the patient to achieve the maximum result from the surgical procedure perform by the surgeon.

Take adequate rest and do not rush for returning to routine activities

Please be mindful that little tightness and soreness in the area of surgery can still be present for about 4 -6 weeks which settles on its own.

Use of Compression Vest – Wearing of compression vest is the most important aspect of the post-operative regime. It must be worn continuously throughout the day starting from 2nd to 3rd day after surgery. Benefits of compression vest include:

Massaging of Chest Area – Any form of surgery during healing creates hardness in tissues which is called as fibrosis. To make the tissues soft it is very important to do a massage over operated area which helps in softening of healing tissues and also helps in lymphatic drainage of concerned area thereby making the area comfortable and pliable.

The massage should be started as early as 2nd week after surgery and can be done several times a day for about 15 -20 min per session.

Maintaining Healthy Diet and Good Posture – Taking a balanced and healthy diet is important for all sort of surgeries to help tissues heal properly. Patient is advised to sleep comfortably on his back with slightly raised head which decrease tissue stretch.

Avoiding of smoking and alcohol during initial 4to 6 weeks post-surgery is very important as it prevents delayed wound healing and prevent wound delhi scence.

GYNECOMASTIA surgery is a life changing decision which the patient takes to overcome his mental and physical stress, so it becomes very logical to dedicatedly follow the correct post-surgery routine to benefit the most out of it and lead a confident and renewed look.

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