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What Should Be Your Expectations After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Due to the high level of satisfaction, breast augmentation with implants is the most common cosmetic surgery treatment. In one study, 98% of breast augmentation patients reported that their expectations were met or surpassed. However, patients frequently worry that their new implants look overly high or slightly flat just after surgery, but with time, the breast implants settle into a more natural position as muscles relax and swelling and inflammation subside, and later, the implants fill the lower pole of the breast as they relax, making them appear softer and fuller, similar to newly plumped cushions.

Breasts can be small or huge, round or thin, side-set, teardrop-shaped, or asymmetrical. Breast augmentation, however, has long provided a way to alter one’s breasts if one is unhappy with the natural ones.

While recovery times for different procedures, patients’ health, and aftercare might drastically vary, there is a general timeframe for breast augmentation that frequently holds true.

The first day after breast augmentation

An outpatient procedure, breast augmentation surgery is most usually carried out under general anaesthesia. Usually, the procedure takes between one and two hours. You will need to stay in recovery for an additional hour or two after surgery in order to make sure you are comfortable, any nausea is under control, and you are sufficiently awake and attentive before being released. You won’t be permitted to drive, so make sure you have a ride home lined up.

After surgery, you will have a post-operative bra on and a tiny quantity of gauze covering your incisions. On that day and in the weeks that follow, your surgeon will give you advice on how to take care of your incisions. For the best healing and the least amount of scarring, strictly adhere to these directions. For the first few days, most patients receive a prescription with pain relievers.

On this first day, all you need to do is relax. Although it might appear that the surgery was “done to you,” your body was actively involved the moment the incision for your breast augmentation was made. It started working right away to assist you in recovering from the process. Therefore, take a break and let it go.

The first week following breast augmentation

Once more, your body is working diligently to heal your surgical incisions. This week should be spent resting and eating well so that your body can heal. Consider taking a few days off work to unwind at home. Avoid doing any laborious lifting or severe exercise. You won’t be caught off guard or tempted to overdo it if you familiarize yourself with what to anticipate after surgery and make some advance preparations.

Skin and muscle incisions are made by the surgeon during breast augmentation surgery. Discomfort will result from this, especially in the initial days. It’s possible that some motions, especially pushing and tugging with your arms, aggravate the pain. A sufficient amount of painkillers will be provided for the first three to five days. Use the medication as directed by your surgeon; doing so will help you manage your pain rather than allowing it to worsen. Allow your body to recuperate throughout the first week by taking your painkillers and refraining from lifting, pressing, or pulling.

Your breasts will also feel tight and appear enlarged. The first couple of days following surgery, this normally gets worse, stabilizes, and then starts to get better between the first and second week. By two months, the majority of the edoema will be gone. During the first week, you might also experience squeezing or hear squeaking coming from your breasts. This is entirely normal. It’s caused by a tiny quantity of fluid surrounding the implant, which the body usually absorbs over the first week.

The first month following breast augmentation

You ought to start feeling more like yourself again by the end of the first week. You’ll likely receive the all-clear from your surgeon to drive and return to work soon.

If your profession is physically demanding or involves a lot of lifting, you might need more time before you can resume your full workload. Although you might be tempted to push this, keep in mind that being cautious will help you avoid problems and ensure that your body heals properly.

Avoid wearing an underwired bra at this time. Use the soft underwear your surgeon has advised. Anything that would prevent healing should be avoided. That is what tight, uncomfortable, and underwire bras can accomplish.

Your surgeon will inform you when it is safe to start low impact activity at the end of the month. In the weeks that follow, you should be able to gradually return to your regular schedule.

The first year following breast augmentation

The swelling starts to go down by the end of the first month, and the wounds should be healed. A slight degree of edoema, though, will last for several months. For this reason, you should wait until two months after surgery to spend a lot of money on new bras or swimwear. Bras can be pricey, so you don’t want to spend money on one that won’t fit well in a few months.

Scars will also change throughout the course of the following 18 months. In fact, you might discover that your scars initially appear worse before improving. Be aware that scars might take between 12 and 18 months to develop their final appearance. To get the best outcomes and reduce the appearance of your incisions and scars, be careful to adhere to your surgeon’s instructions for care.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that it can take most of the first year before your new breasts start to feel like your own. Although at first they may seem strange and foreign, over the coming months they will gradually start to blend into your body.

The first year after surgery is one of recovery and growth for your new breasts. It’s crucial to mentally prepare oneself for what to anticipate during this transition year.

We provide patients with detailed information about what to expect after breast augmentation surgery. However, every patient heals differently, and if you have any concerns, Dr. Sachin Rajpal and his complete team are always available to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at +91-9810302821 to schedule an appointment for the best Breast Augmentation in Delhi.

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