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You Can Achieve Your Ideal Arms With Arm Lift Surgery

As we get older, our body and face go through a lot of changes. Skin sagging or weight gain in certain body regions, such as the upper arms, could make you look unattractive and bring down your level of confidence as well.

Arm lift surgery: What is it?

An arm lift, often referred to as a “brachioplasty,” is a cosmetic surgery in which the underside of the arm between the armpit and the elbow can be slimmed down. Liposuction is used to get rid of stubborn fat cells and remove extra tissue. The upper arm is given a sleek, toned appearance using this cosmetic surgery.

Arm lift surgery: What does it do?

Along with weight gain, excess fat tends to accumulate in both arms. After drastic weight loss or as the body ages, a person may experience laxity in this area. An arm lift is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the arms in order to tighten the skin.

Surgery is the only option to remove this skin, because no amount of weightlifting will alter the thickness or elasticity of the skin. An arm lift can make the upper arms look slimmer and eliminate this skin and fat bag to give the arms a more toned appearance. Body-sculpting procedures like brachioplasty are used to boost a person’s confidence.

Arm lift surgery: Are you a good candidate for it?

The best candidates for arm lift satisfy the following requirements:


Remember that an arm lift is not a substitute for weight loss and exercise, so be sure to speak with a knowledgeable plastic surgeon about what to expect from your procedure.

Arm lift surgery: What can you expect with it?

A few hours are normally needed for arm lift surgery, which is a daycare treatment.

You’ll be given general anesthesia to perform this procedure. The surgeon will make an incision either on the inside or the back of the arm. The excess fat can be subsequently surgically removed, or the surgeon may use liposuction. The surgeon will discuss this with you in advance.

The underlying tissues will also be tightened by the surgeon, who will also shape them into more aesthetically acceptable forms. If there is a lot of extra skin, the surgeon will remove it, attempting to leave the fewest possible scars.

Finally, the surgeon will close the incision and smooth the remaining skin over the new contours of your arm.

Why should you see a plastic surgeon to get your ideal arms?

When diet and exercise can only get you so far, an arm lift can be a great way to get the smooth and beautiful arms that you’ve dreamed of. Contact Dr. Sachin Rajpal for the best therapies available in Delhi. Additionally, he always uses the most cutting-edge technologies so that his clients can be sure they are getting the best care available.

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